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Smart Lipo – laser liposuction

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What’s New About Smart Lipo?

Older liposuction techniques removed fat by brute force. Sucking out fat through a metal tube called a cannula. Smartlipo™ uses a laser to liquefy the fat first, so it can be removed through a smaller cannula. A smaller cannula also means smaller incisions and faster healing with less bruising. And as a side benefit the same laser that melts the fat also stimulates the growth of collagen, and tightens the skin. Smart lipo is performed on the waist and thighs. But it can also be done under the chin, arms, and breasts. Smartlipo is sometimes performed under a local rather than a general anesthetic, so you can be  awake during the procedure if you choose. There is usually less bruising with a Smartlipo procedure compared to traditional liposuction methods. A single treatment is usually all that is required.

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Remove Your Fat and Tighten Your Skin With SmartLipo!

The skin-tightening effect of the Smartlipo laser will continue to improve after the procedure.  Sometimes this is enough to substitute for a procedure like a Tummy Tuck that would typically leave a larger scar. When performed under the chin the tightening effect can help to eliminate loose skin often referred to as “Turkey Neck”, and improve the appearance of the jawline without a facelift. When performed on the breasts it is one method of performing breast reduction or in men Gynecomastia surgery.  Smartlipo is sometimes combined with other procedures for a customized result tailored to your individual concerns.

These combinations are a major breakthrough in minimally invasive treatments.


How is Smart Lipo Performed

What Should You Expect In Smart Lipo?

Expect to be comfortable. Expect your questions to be thoroughly answered. Expect to see before and after pictures from others who have undergone the same procedure. And most of all, expect to be excited. People who have struggled with stubborn areas of fat for years experience a new found freedom in being able to wear what they want when they want. Buy the swimsuit you like, instead of the one that covers your problem areas. Your consultation is free.  What are you waiting for?  Call us today and start realizing your dreams of freedom and confidence.